Kill Command evaluation action

2022-04-03 08:01
"Kill Command" is a low-cost sci-fi film. Although the director chose the theme of fiery artificial intelligence, he did not promote the convenient life it can bring to human beings like most sci-fi movies, but explained through the plot. Concerns about artificial intelligence products make the film have a different point of view from ordinary sci-fi movies. Although the movie ultimately did not box office well, its sharp narrative style and compact action scenes still make it a must-have for sci-fi fans. A missing movie. The story of the film is similar to that of "Ghost in the Shell", both discussing the possible crisis brought about by artificial intelligence in the future world. To the audience, the film aims to remind that technology is a double-edged sword   .
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  • Flavio 2022-04-21 09:03:52

    The rhythm is not good, and the plot can't stand scrutiny

  • Lelia 2022-04-03 08:01:01

    Poor robot stranded on island causes mental breakdown

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