Kill Command movie plot

2022-04-03 08:01
In a highly intelligent future world, all aspects of human life are inseparable from artificial intelligence, and many people will even undergo surgical transformation after birth, with chips implanted in their bodies to better interact with electronic devices. Pioneer Group is a technology company specializing in the manufacture of artificial intelligence weapons and robots. During a routine inspection, the company's senior technicians found that the SAR-type military combat robot developed by him showed self-programming behavior. For AI robots, this is equivalent to becoming conscious. At the same time, an elite Marine Corps was dispatched to the training base set up by the Pioneer Group on the independent island to prepare for live-fire drills. The target they are fighting against is the SAR combat robot. In order to prevent accidents, the accompanying technicians came to the training base with the Marine Corps. The Special Forces encountered surveillance by three small drones shortly after the mission began. This small UAV belongs to the pioneer group. Surprisingly, these UAVs are not prototypes, but have undergone special modifications. Technicians also do not have access to remote control. Fortunately. After identifying the target, the drone flew away on its own. The Special Forces were also able to move on. During the chat between the technician and the commander of the special forces team. Suddenly there was a gunshot. The combat robots that were originally targeted began to attack the special forces. The technicians found that the robots in the base were already self-aware. and make human beings the target that must be eradicated. What would have been mundane training turned into a war against artificial intelligence, where members of the squad had to survive and send the situation to the rear. under the attack of robots. One by one, the special forces fell, and during the fierce battle, the captain and technicians found a communication tower that could transmit long-range signals. The two raided all the way, and finally successfully sent the message, and waited for reinforcements from the rear.  .
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