Little England movie plot

2022-10-25 15:08
Set on an island in 1930s Greece, Oshafalls in love with Navy Lieutenant Spiros. Spiros is about to leave the island for a short voyage, and he asks Osha to wait for him to come back, but not long after, his motherdecides on her own to marry her to a well-meaning captain, Nikos. Sarah reluctantly accepted, but her mind has always been in love with Spiros. Later she learned that her sisterengaged, and her brother-in-law was none other than Spiros, who she did not forget. The most painful thing is that they have to live under the same roof. The pregnant Osha suffers from the loneliness that her husband is not by her side when she goes to sea, while painfully watching her beloved live with her sister, and Spiros has always loved Osha. When World War II broke out, Spiros went to sea to fight, and when their ship was about to sink, he let his crew sit in a lifeboat and was rescued, and he sank with the ship. After learning the news, Osha couldn't bear the pain any longer, and cried bitterly by calling Spiros' name, and the matter between them was known to everyone. Later, the sister learned from her sister Osha that Spiros once loved her, so she let go of the things about Spiros and Osha. But Osha was depressed day by day, and finally died   .
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Little England quotes

  • Orsa Saltaferou: [subtitled version] I wanted to love. To love a lot. To love forever.

  • Orsa Saltaferou: [subtitled version] In life again, more worthy are these that you lose than the ones you find. These that you find are lost again. These that you lost exist forever.

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