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2022-10-25 09:46
The shots of "Mikra Anglia" are cold and poetic, and the rendering of cool tones makes the picture look like a yellowed postcard, with a very mysterious atmosphere. The film truly reflects the long history of Greece and the lives of various people there   .
Mikra Anglia is a touching, complete and well-made film on every level. The director uses exquisite audio-visual language to interpret this tragedy of human nature with great charm. Weddings and funerals, parting and reunion, jealousy and hatred, despair and resistance, in this dark tide and turbulent family tragedy, every The characters are all looking for an exit in the predicament, and every reversal of fortune affects people's hearts. Penelope Tesilica's nuanced and intense performance is the soul of the film from beginning to end. She leads the audience into her hidden inner world, step by step from happiness to tragedy   .
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  • Orsa Saltaferou: [subtitled version] I wanted to love. To love a lot. To love forever.

  • Orsa Saltaferou: [subtitled version] In life again, more worthy are these that you lose than the ones you find. These that you find are lost again. These that you lost exist forever.

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