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2022-04-01 08:01
The screenwriter hides the foreshadowing, and the secretary of state and his wife investigate the case part-time
The huge success of "House of Cards" can't help but make people look forward to the same type of "Madam Secretary" that will have some intertwined conspiracy stories.
But in the latest episode, the imagined plot of intrigue and step-by-step "Palace Fight" has not been staged. McCord, who has just entered the State Department, is most troubled by the various diplomatic crises that he has to face in every episode, as well as ordinary women and motherhood in his life, and he has to worry about why his eldest daughter dropped out of school and her husband's suspected cheating incident.
Some people think it is a little boring and dark, and some audiences support it. This is the selling point of this drama that is different from other political dramas: it has a strong human touch, and even the most powerful women have their own life problems that they have to face.
Fortunately, the screenwriter buried a hidden thread, and I believe it will bring surprises to "conspiracy theorists" in the future development of the plot.
In the process of resolving various crises, McCord, an excellent former CIA analyst, earnestly pursued the accidental crash of the former Secretary of State because of a word from an old colleague. Even her professor husband showed his true colors step by step: the third most handsome political partner in the United States is actually a part-time agent of the National Security Agency. And how many secrets she and the president have when working with the CIA is also one of the "dark" surprises to look forward to.
It is worth mentioning that the famous "House of Cards" ambitious couple appeared in the daily life of "Madam Secretary" in different forms.
In the second episode, McCord needs financial support from the chairman of the Appropriations Committee to save the embattled ambassador to Yemen, and while discussing what gift would impress the troublesome character, "steak" actually appears in the proposal; The daughter went out to look for a job, interviewed for her company, a non-profit "Water Purification Project" organization, and eventually became the lead clerk at "Frank's Steak House." These little ideas, fans of "Frank ("House of Cards" actor)" take it.
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  • Arne 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    I like the realistic part of it, although the screenwriter has all kinds of dog blood foreshadowing as soon as he comes up, such as George's car crash, the final PK with the big boss, and the words that the president said when he invited the heroine to change the world together.

  • Guiseppe 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    I'm so digging D chicken soup Weiguang Zhenggaye

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