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2022-04-01 08:01
More than just Hillary
After the premiere of CBS's major drama "Madam Secretary" this year, there has been no end to the discussion that Hillary is the prototype of the story. It is widely believed that Elizabeth McCord is retracing Hillary's career as secretary of state. But the United States has so far produced three female secretaries of state, of which the first female secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, served as a consultant for the play. The title of the play is also from Albright's autobiography "Madam Secretary". It is a bit wishful thinking to insist on this argument.
In the first episode, in order to solve the crisis of American youth being imprisoned overseas, the troubled McCord took the initiative to show, and diverted the media's interest with a new red suit, which coincided with the "hobby" of consultant Albright. He is known for her love of wearing a red dress during her tenure.
As a former good subordinate of the president, McCord gave up his university teaching post after the plane crash of his predecessor and was "airborne" to the US State Department. This special treatment naturally made people around the president dissatisfied. The president's chief of staff warned in the first episode She didn't want to go around her "face" again and again, but McCord's temperament was not to take the usual way. She texted the president's wife in the middle of the night, and got the opportunity to "talk over wine" with her superiors.
The description here is reminiscent of Rice, the second female secretary of state of the United States. She used to be a teaching assistant at the prestigious Stanford University. In the late 1980s, she voluntarily resigned from the university to fully assist the Bush family. She and Bush Sr. and his wife Barbara had a close personal relationship. When George W. Bush was elected president, she was once described by the media as the president's "pink confidant".
Of course, the show's tribute to Hillary Clinton is not groundless. Hollywood star Morgan Freeman , one of the show's executive producers, admitted in an interview that he was inspired by seeing Hillary Clinton testify before Congress about the Benghazi incident on TV.
This inspiration is embodied in the second episode, when the US embassy in Yemen riots, and McCord uneasily asks his aide how likely it is that it will turn into another Benghazi. Compared with Hillary Clinton's lament that the Benghazi incident was the most regrettable event during her tenure, the female secretary of state in the TV series was much luckier, and McCord relied on foreign aid to rescue the ambassador whose life was on the line.
It is said that in order not to be mistaken for an advertisement for Hillary Clinton, the creative team of "Madam Secretary" tried their best to distinguish the former secretary of state when designing the costumes for the heroine Téa Leoni.
While McCord appears in public, showing off her perfect neck for the camera, Hillary often wears a scarf or pearl necklace to distract attention from her neck. And McCord's hairstyle also pursues a more casual design, rather than the feeling of Hillary's carefully crafted debut.
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  • Emmitt 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    5 stars for her husband!

  • Arne 2022-04-04 09:01:08

    I like the realistic part of it, although the screenwriter has all kinds of dog blood foreshadowing as soon as he comes up, such as George's car crash, the final PK with the big boss, and the words that the president said when he invited the heroine to change the world together.

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