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2022-04-01 08:01
Male and female protagonists hold hands to become lovers
As the focus of the whole play, McCord showed different personalities one by one, and I have to praise the heroine Téa Leoni for her excellent acting skills, she can handle both serious plots and relaxed moments.
This is the first time Téa Leoni has returned to the screen since the 1990s comedy "Truth," and her grandmother Helenka, who was one of the founders of the United Nations, has been its ambassador since 2001." The background of "Tall" convinced the team behind the scenes that they had found the right actor for McCord.
For Chinese audiences, Leoni is not familiar. In fact, she has co-starred with Nicolas Kim Coppola in "Family Man" and is more well-known for her marriage to her second husband, "X-Files" actor David Duchovny. The latest news is that she and "Husband" Tim Daly in "Madam Secretary" are fake and have publicly walked arm in arm on the streets of Los Angeles. 
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