Paparazzi movie plot

2022-03-19 08:01
Hollywood is a "happy land" that can turn any impossible into a possibility, and with this "happy land" as a starting point, Poe Lelamy ( Cole Hauser ) has risen to become the hottest action movie star of the contemporary era. He has everything. Everything a man dreams of: a beautiful wife, a lovely son, a seaside villa, and never thought that his "overnight fame" would ruin the simplest happiness. Lailami doesn't care that the pervasive entertainment reporters magnify his private life infinitely, because he knows that this is the price necessary for being a "public figure". However, what he can't imagine is that the four unscrupulous paparazzi have long ago Their camera is on his wife Abby (Robin Toney) and son Zach, causing their pictures to appear on the cover of a cheap tabloid, The Paparazzi. These 4 paparazzi are notorious, they The way of mining news at all costs is outrageous, and Lelamy's attempts to reduce the exposure of his wife and children are completely in vain. Finally, the unbearable Lailami was swept away by the rage and punched Rex ( Tom Sizemore ) of the four paparazzi - but the paparazzi were still annoying his family indefinitely. He was prosecuted for using violence.
After this incident, the "Paparazzi" became more and more mad, and even began to violate the law. The helpless Lailami could only take his wife and children on the highway to avoid the flash and the camera, which directly led to a terrible traffic accident: Abby Lying in the observation room with serious injuries, his life is in danger at any time; 6-year-old Zach falls into a deep coma. Los Angeles police detective Burton (Dennis Farina), although convinced of Lelamy's account, but The case could not be filed due to insufficient evidence. Lailami was desperate, and he decided to use illegal means to retaliate. Those unscrupulous paparazzi would pay the price for this tragedy, and none of them could escape.
They are the witnesses of Vanity Fair's glitz, they are the explorers of the dark world behind the glitz, they are the hounds of Beverly Hills, they are the detectives of Mulholland, they never seem to need sleep, if you are a celebrity , looking back, the figure flashing in the distance may be them - Paparazzi.
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  • Yasmin 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    Unscrupulous reporters are scum~~~

  • Theo 2022-04-22 07:01:55

    Anyway, I'm pretty excited to see it.--

Paparazzi quotes

  • Rex Harper: Laramie. I am going to destroy your life and eat your soul. And I can't wait to do it.

  • Rex Harper: Hey. I'll be out in a week. Just another great story for Rex Harper.

    Detective Burton: Yeah, in a week you'll be somebody's wife. Let's go.

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