Parade's End movie plot

2022-04-14 08:01
The protagonist is Christopher Tietjens ( Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch ), a high-ranking civil servant from England's ancient aristocracy. He meets Sylvia (played by Rebecca Hall ) , a fellow aristocrat and German of German descent, on the train, and is easily captured by her and has a relationship.
Unexpectedly, Sylvia is not a fuel-efficient lamp. She has been invading the social world for a long time and has countless lovers. Even the child in her womb couldn't tell who it was.
Family and friends objected to the marriage, but Christopher, who was restrained and rigid, was unmoved by love and insisted on marrying Sylvia.
After the marriage, the huge personality difference between the two made them gradually fall into pain. Sylvia, who could not get the warmth of her family, returned to her old ways and attracted bees and butterflies. In the upper class, Christopher gradually became a laughing stock. Such rumors naturally gradually spread to Christopher and his family. Christopher was under great pressure, but he was rigid in nature and insisted on keeping the ancient traditions that were outdated. Once married, only death could separate.
Only that child gave Christopher great gratification, Christopher unswervingly regarded himself as himself, and poured all his love into the child.
At this time, Christopher accidentally met the pure Valentine Wannop (played by Adelaide Clemons), like a stone thrown into the water, ripples in Christopher's heart.
Valentine also greatly admires Christopher's integrity and talent, and sympathizes with his experience. Valentine's fate is also bumpy. Without a father, his younger brother is not doing his job properly, and the mother and daughter depend on each other for life.
During the communication, the two poor people feel pity for each other and develop a feeling of admiration. But because of traditional etiquette, they are doomed to no end.
Fate played a big joke on Christopher. The one who is suitable for a lover becomes a wife, and the one who is suitable for a wife can only be a lover.
Christopher's mother was overwhelmed by the rumors and passed away.
Christopher's father couldn't bear the pain of losing his wife, and he blamed himself for not being able to discipline himself, causing his sons to humiliate his family, shame his ancestors, and commit suicide by drinking bullets.
It was the outbreak of the First World War. A disheartened Christopher angrily demanded to go to the front. During this period, his wife Sylvia changed her mind and prayed for him, hoping that he would return safely. She found that she still loved this man.
The tragic war is over, and Christopher is back. But he wouldn't come back to Sylvia, she had broken his heart. Christopher chose Valentine and the story ends.
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  • Josue 2022-04-20 09:02:59

    Compared with the three ladies of Downton Abbey, Sylvia is indeed more aristocratic. The selection of the third actor also failed. Compared with Sylvia, there is absolutely no charm at all (soft enough). In the fourth episode, S rushes into the military camp. It can be seen that it is true love. Why did the plot develop into unbearable? In the end, the reversal still needs a suitable reason, but there are still some beautiful lines.

  • Eve 2022-04-22 07:02:00

    Damn, Rebecca is so flirtatious with blonde hair, it's completely unrecognizable, it's too beautiful to turn against Sylvia, okay?

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