Presto movie plot

2022-03-27 08:01
Magician Presto has a little white rabbit named Alec that he uses to perform magic tricks, but he often forgets to feed his acting partner, so the disgruntled little white rabbit, Alec, goes to Trouble the magician on the stage, and start a human-rabbit chasing battle.
The vaudeville magician Presto DiGiotagione is known for his hat-trick, which was mainly performed on a man named Alec Azan. Azam's rabbit pulled out of his top hat. The clip opens with Alec locked in a cage, annoyed that he's hungry and can't reach carrots. After Pasto came back from dinner, he began to rehearse for the performance that was going to be performed in a while. It turned out that his top hat was magically connected to another hat that would stay backstage next to Alec. So as long as he puts his hand in the top hat, he can get it out of the other hat, then grab Alec and pull it out of the hat. He was going to feed Alec the carrots, but realizes he's going to be late for the show and leaves with the rabbit, which makes Alec even more angry. Pasto tries to start acting, but Alec decides he's had enough and refuses to cooperate until he gets a carrot. Then Pasto tried hard to get Alec out of his hat.
Alec cleverly used a hat-trick to make his master not only failed to complete the magic many times in a row, but also suffered a lot and made a fool of himself. His hand was smashed against the drawer, and his fingers caught the mousetrap. Pasto tried to hit Alek by throwing an egg out of his hat, but was slapped in the face instead. The magician got angry and turned the carrot into a flower. Alec put his hat on the vacuum straw, sucked Alec's face flushed, and tried to find the carrot from his sleeve. The magician ran towards the rabbit, but was caught in the eyes by the fingers sticking out of his hat. He threw his hat on the ground again, but as he grabbed the other hat next to Rabbit, his hand reached through the hat on the ground, grabbed his pants, and was hit by the stairs in the hat to the other side of the stage. Afterwards, he chased the rabbit to the backstage, but he was accidentally hoisted over the stage by the rope, and then fell from the top, followed by the piano and many stage decorations that were also hoisted. The rabbit realized that the owner would be crushed to death if he didn't fall to death, so he used the hat to save his life. Such a performance drew warm applause from the audience, and the grateful magician gave the rabbit carrots and listed the rabbit's credit on the poster.
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  • Ima 2022-03-29 09:01:10

    I'm dying of laughter, this rabbit is quite cute~ Your partner, be it human or beast, should be treated well, and put your heart to heart~

  • Jazmin 2022-03-29 09:01:10

    To put it mildly, we are still good friends.

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