Robinson Crusoe movie plot

2022-03-17 08:01
Robinson (Pierce Brosnan) is a British sailor who wakes up alone on a deserted island after a shipwreck. The desperate Robinson did not give up hope, but used his professional skills to create a sky for himself to survive in the sinister natural environment and poor living conditions. At the same time, Robinson also Always be on the lookout for attacks from cannibals hidden deep in the island.
In an accident, Robinson rescued a little black boy from the hands of cannibals. The day was Friday on Robinson's homemade calendar, so he named the little boy "Friday" (William Takaku). The harsh natural environment cannot kill Robinson, but loneliness can, so he cherishes the time he spends with Friday. On the closed island, regardless of race and blood, a sincere and pure friendship developed between Robinson and Friday. 
Robinson Robinson, who was born in a family of merchants, is not willing to live a mediocre life like his parents did, and yearns for an overseas life full of adventures and challenges, so he resolutely gave up a comfortable and comfortable life, and sailed privately away from home to travel the world. dreams, but every time they go through hardships. Once a storm overturned the ship, the lucky Robinson was thrown by the waves to an uninhabited island, where he spent 28 years, two months and nineteen days of loneliness. The main part of the novel is a vivid account of his life on this desert island.
In addition to the wonderful and bizarre story, the most attractive part of the novel is Robinson's character. He dared to take risks, dared to pursue a free and unfettered life. Even if you live on a desert island, you will never be discouraged. On a desolate island that lacked the most basic living conditions, he was alone and overcame many difficulties unimaginable to ordinary people. He survived tenaciously with astonishing perseverance. Without a house, he built it himself. Without food, he tried hunting, planting millet, training goats, and drying wild raisins. He also groped himself to make tables and chairs, pottery, weaving baskets, and using scarves to dry noodles to make bread. In his 24th year on the island, he also rescued a savage. Name him " Friday " because that day is Friday. Under his education, "Friday" became a faithful servant. In this way, Robinson established his own material and spiritual kingdom on the desert island. Facing the predicament of life, Robinson's actions showed the perseverance and heroic character of a tough guy. It embodies the creative spirit and pioneering spirit of the rising bourgeoisie. In the West, "Robinson" has become synonymous with adventurers and heroes in the hearts of millions of readers. 
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Extended Reading
  • Mallory 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    I watched the last class for an hour today~ I found that I had seen it before~ The translation is Hao Lei = =

  • Elinore 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    I even suspected that the book I read when I was a child was a pure fairy tale after watching this movie. There was no white lemon, no tobacco leaves to cure colds, and no wheat to bake bread. Although the line of Friday was changed to be quite full, but I read this book. At that time, the focus was not on Friday at all, but on enjoying and confronting nature, surviving in loneliness and hopelessness, which was an ideal world I dreamed of.

Robinson Crusoe quotes

  • [mourning the loss of Crusoe's dog, Skipper]

    Man Friday: Skipper go to Crusoe's God?

    Robinson Crusoe: No. Dogs don't have mortal souls. Only men have mortal souls.

    Man Friday: Too bad. Good dog.

  • [first lines]

    Daniel Defoe: I am a journalist Robert, I assure you. I have very little interest in your flights of fancy.

    Robert: You Daniel Defoe are a writer. It's your destiny as such to bring this remarkable man's story, a story of intense struggle, extraordinary friendship, and undying love to the world.

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