The Hater movie plot

2022-06-29 21:32
In a European-style society with a history of communism, both cultural elites and disenfranchised youth see dark forces sweeping Europe. Then there are those who benefit from the inevitable conflict and the chaos that ensues, such as frustrated law student Tomek (Machej Musharovsky), who struggles to arouse childhood grievances. The attention of friend Gabby (Vanessa Alexander) earns   the respect of her progressive family. To impress Gabi, Tomek works for a reputable but unethical PR firm. Ordered to orchestrate on social media, he soon found himself good at this dirty political game. But what he did came at a human cost. As Tomek gets deeper and deeper, his humanity slowly loses, and he doesn't know how to clean up the mess. 
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The Hater quotes

  • Beata Santorska: Capable, smart, insolent, fast. You could do so many other things.

    Tomasz Giemza: I could. But why?

  • Tomasz Giemza: Just because there are parts of the essay without quotation marks... After all, if I wanted to commit plagiarism, I would at least try and hide it somehow, right? I wouldn't do it so openly.

    Professor: Plagiarism is not a matter of interpretation.

    Tomasz Giemza: I understand it can be perceived that way but...

    Professor: It's not a matter of perception.

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