The Impossible Astronaut behind the scenes gags

2022-07-15 09:12
  • Before filming, Tom Darvill had expressed his desire to be a regular for the season   .
  • Matthew Robert Smith says "is his favorite episode of "Doctor Who"   .
  • Tom Darvill sees Rory as a bumbling action hero   .
  • After learning that Rory was River's father, Tom Darvill's mother texted him after the episode aired asking if he meant she herself was Alex Kingston 's grandmother   .
  • Davidwas hilarious on set, and the crew tried to avoid Little Britain jokes on set   .
  • Rory is the first male partner to travel full-time with the Doctor sinceboarded the Tardis with fifth Doctor Peter Davidson in the 1980s   .
  • Tom Darvill said that silence is his favorite monster   .
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The Impossible Astronaut quotes

  • The Doctor: [pinned to the floor of the Oval Office by Secret Service] River! Have you got my scanner working yet?

    River Song: [Inside the TARDIS] Oh, I hate him!

    The Doctor: No, you don't.

  • The Silent: You should kill us all on sight.

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