The Impossible Astronaut movie plot

2022-07-15 08:33
Amy, Roryand Riverin the Midwest. While they were enjoying a picnic at Silent Lake, an Apollo 11 astronaut emerged from the water and blew up the Time Lord. Afterwards, the three of Amy met the 909-year-old Dr. in a restaurant and hid his fate from the Dr.
The four of them head to the White House in 1969, where President Nixonis being haunted by an eerie late-night phone call from a troubled child. To assist in the investigation of FBI agent Canton Delaware, the team traced the little girl to a warehouse in Florida, five miles from the Cape Kennedy Space Center. Silence has a base here, and once people look away, the brain forgets about those terrifying creatures, and it's Silence that wraps the little girl in the astronaut's spacesuit.
Three months later, the bearded doctor is behind bars, and River, Amy, and Rory are hiding from the FBI. This is actually a trick used to deceive silence. The little girl is placed in the orphanage in the abandoned Grey Stark Hall, where Silence traps Amy. When Neil Armstrong sets foot on the moon, the Doctor cuts off the live TV and transmits a silent video so humans will eventually notice the lurking aliens and turn against them. Amy is rescued, and the little girl is reborn in an alley in New York   .
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The Impossible Astronaut quotes

  • The Doctor: Fellows, the guns, really? I just walked into the highest security office in the United States and parked a big blue box on the rug. Do you think you can just shoot me?

    River Song: They're Americans!

    The Doctor: [puts his hands up] Don't shoot.

  • The Doctor: Oh, you bad, bad girl. What trouble have you got for me this time?

    [River slaps him]

    The Doctor: Okay. I'm assuming that's for something I haven't done yet.

    River Song: Yes, it is.

    The Doctor: Good. Looking forward to it.

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