Ranking of DW S06 episodes in my mind

Jaylon 2022-09-17 08:41:47

The DW S06 episode rankings in my mind

this season confuse the entire timeline concept logic.

Episodes 1 and 2 The
sixth season has laid a long line at the beginning, and I have already begun to look forward to the answer to the next mystery. It is impossible not to chase.

The beginning of episode 3 is
very suspenseful, and the end is mysterious. Medieval pirates can fly spaceships, so scientists are useless!

Episode 4
When the Doctor called Tardis "wife", he knew that River Song was just a junior. I like the Supermassive Black Hole of Muse at the beginning of

episodes 5 and 6.
This episode is starting to fill the hole dug in the first episode a little bit.

Episode 7
"He's the last of their race, he looks young, but he's lived for thousands of years, no matter where they take you, Melody, no matter how scared you are, I promise you, you don't Will be alone, because that man is your father, he has a name, but people in our world call him the last centurion." Was it necessary to have such a misleading sentence for Amy, we We all know that Amy and Rory's relationship is unbreakable, but after hearing the first half of the sentence, my heart still twitches. DW, can you only play such cheap tricks? Hate! !
Even if Sontaran appears, what is the matter with the appearance of the clam?

Episode 8
Many people liked this episode, but I didn't. Personally, I think it was too hasty for River Song to be reborn like this. When River Song is no longer mysterious, it will bother her. The existence of the trial robot will not disturb the history of time. Yeah, the screenwriter is desperately looking for something to fill the hole in the first episode. Crazy imagination but sacrifices the rationality of logic, I always feel that there are more and more bugs in logic.

Episode 9
If it weren't for a DW drama, if it was just an ordinary sci-fi movie, I probably wouldn't watch such a story. In fact, the plot is quite imaginative. The DW in charge of Magic is always suspenseful!

Episode 10
Double time flow produces tragic waiting, and you and yourself can also become rivals in love, so women must not wait too long! Very ok episode!

Episode 11 is
another suspenseful episode, and I think non-DW mainline episodes like this are more exciting! What is the Doctor's fear and what is his belief? "The ancient creatures in the pool of blood have no malice. They swim between the universe and pass through the unpredictable labyrinth. For this creature, death is like a blessing from God".

Episode 12
Fat Brother and Cybermen, add a baby !

Episode 13 When
I saw this, I felt like I was being played hard. The hole in the front was too large, and it was filled in hastily at the back. The end of this season was scolded by a lot of people, but I think crazy is better than boring at the end of season 4.


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