The Leisure Seeker Similar to the original

2022-07-19 22:41
In the novel, the protagonist takes Route 66 to Disneyland. Since there are countless films with Route 66 as the background, the director Welch moved the story to the east coast of the United States, John's identity was changed to a university professor, and the old couple's RV journey became a relatively unfamiliar to the audience. Route 1 to the Hemingway House. At the same time, the director changed Ella's age to be a little younger, set to be born in 1947, so that she is similar to the age of the actor Helen Lydia Mirren   .
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The Leisure Seeker quotes

  • Ella Spencer: It's just something I really need to do with your father.

  • Will Spencer: So you know what happened, when was it, last year? I opened their bedroom door and she was on the bed and he was kneeling in front of her and... I can't even say it.

    Jane Spencer: Dad was muff diving? Yodelling in the canyon?

    Will Spencer: I wanted to vomit.

    Jane Spencer: Why? I hope it happens to me when I'm their age.

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