The Leisure Seeker evaluation action

2022-07-19 23:38
In addition to the performances of the two leading actors, the wonderful thing about the film lies in its delicate emotions, as well as a lot of humorous and loving details of life. The protagonist's "Little True Fortune" and "Little True Mourning" in the film almost hit all the audience's weaknesses and tears. Perhaps in terms of narration and shooting skills, the film cannot be called perfect and advanced in consciousness, but the empathy of this film is difficult for ordinary people to resist. Most of the two types of road films and romance films have nothing to do with "old people", but this film breaks the mold and uses trivial details such as food, clothing, housing and transportation to show the sweetness and anger of this evening love, plus Paul · who is good at comedy. The humorous script carefully polished by the director and screenwriters of Verzi makes it impossible to say "marriage is the grave of love"   .
The film has a harmonious and profound connotation, because the director talks about people, their love and the fading of time, birth, old age, sickness and death, a global topic. This is an elderly story about the cruelty of the years. Humans cannot stop the passage of time and the deepening of wrinkles on their faces, but they can keep the love in their hearts forever. The process of watching the movie is like being next to the protagonist, peeping at their most beautiful and private emotions, and touching their softest heart. When human beings are finally unable to stop the attack of the years, when they remain sober and can decide, what will they choose? The director and the two leading actors let the audience really feel and see one of the possibilities: a crazy, An irrational adventure, but also a lifetime of warmth, humor and love   .
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The Leisure Seeker quotes

  • John Spencer: Traveling's important. Broadening your horizons, broadens your mind.

  • John Spencer: Do you wear boxers or briefs?

    Dan Coleman: I wear diapers, white boy, and now get out of here.

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