The Leisure Seeker movie plot

2022-07-19 18:39
John is a literature teacher and writer, and a diehard Hemingway fan. Although Alzheimer's disease has made his memory worse and he can even forget the names of his wife and children, he can still say all of Hemingway's works. , "The Old Man and the Sea" is his favorite. Because his wife Ella is seriously ill and needs to be hospitalized, John can only enter the nursing home, and the two who have been together for a lifetime face the future of being separated forever. So they made a crazy decision to drive an RV called "Leisure Seeker" all the way south from Massachusetts, looking back on a vacation with the children in the 70s, and the destination was West Lock. The Hemingway House   .
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The Leisure Seeker quotes

  • Jane Spencer: You know, I start a sentence, and by the time I get to the end of it...

    Ella Spencer: You can't remember how it started?

    Jane Spencer: I can remember things I remember... But I can't remember things I...

  • John Spencer: Traveling's important. Broadening your horizons, broadens your mind.

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