Tokyo Sonata Shooting process

2022-04-11 08:01
When filming Sasaki at the employment agency and in the park where the relief food is handed out, Kurosawa does it in a comedy that doesn't notice. A middle-aged man neatly dressed and wearing a tie looked so discordant among a crowd of elderly people. Kurosu, who was in the same predicament of unemployment as Sasaki, even deceived himself and set a bell to make him feel like he was still at work, and still polished his shoes.
Kurosawa Kiyoshi's old partner, Koji Yakusho, was not absent either. In the film, he played a friendly role in the burglary. Although this role was not a member of the Sasaki family, he played a pivotal role. In addition,いのわきかい and TOMO , who were selected through strict audition , played the two sons of the Sasaki family respectively, and their performance was also very brilliant. 
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Tokyo Sonata quotes

  • Megumi Sasaki: Screw your authority.

  • Megumi Sasaki: How wonderful it would be if my whole life so far turns out to have been a dream, and suddenly I wake up and I'm someone else entirely.

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