Tokyo Sonata movie plot

2022-04-11 08:01
), 46, is the head of the general affairs section of a health equipment manufacturer, but when the company relocated some operations to China, he became redundant and was fired. He leaves the company he has worked for for many years in anger, but does not tell his wife Megumi () the bad news.
From the next day, he still wore a suit every day and went to work as usual with a briefcase on his back. In fact, he looked around for a new job, but refused to accept a low-level position. He was very discouraged when he had the opportunity to be interviewed and ran into a wall because of his poor performance. At noon, he queued up to receive a free relief meal, and one day he met his old classmate Kurosu (). Kurosu had also been unemployed for more than two months, but he set his mobile phone to ring regularly, pretending to be busy with business, and deceiving himself. The two also went to the library to kill time. Long Ping's eldest son Gui () is a college student. He wants to apply for overseas recruitment for the U.S. military. The second son Kenji () wants to learn the piano, but Yong Ping refuses. He picked up the abandoned keyboard instrument, and used the monthly lunch fee given to him by his mother to pay for tuition, and went to the piano room of Mr. Kaneko (played by Long Ping worked as a cleaning worker in a shopping mall building. Hui knew that her husband's situation was different, but she did not inquire. One day, a masked thief ( played) sneaked into Sasaki's house. He was found by Megumi to force her to hand over the money, but failed to do so. Instead, Megumi saw his face and hurriedly took her into the car and called her. drive him away. 
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  • Laverna 2022-04-19 09:03:18

    I really love it, the ending is so beautiful, and I cry so much. Whether it is the theme type or the scene scheduling, Kurosawa Kiyoshi is a top-level supervisor who can constantly surprise people! So directly put so many social propositions in one breath in this one, which has triggered drastic changes in personal/gender/ethnic mentality, which is still very rare for him, and the constant mention of China makes people I feel a deep sense of anxiety in Japanese society. Life may not be able to start all over again, but it may be possible to become an existentialist overnight. Hope will also appear in the process of constant existence and struggle, right.

  • Adelbert 2022-04-21 09:03:53

    The rhythm of the second half is a bit chaotic

Tokyo Sonata quotes

  • Megumi Sasaki: Screw your authority.

  • Megumi Sasaki: How wonderful it would be if my whole life so far turns out to have been a dream, and suddenly I wake up and I'm someone else entirely.

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