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Alyson 2022-04-22 07:01:11

For the first time, I wrote a long review, dedicated to the beautiful and moving Ms. Maggie Cheung, to the immortal film "In the Mood for Love".

As a very beginner film lover, I can't enumerate the stories on stage and behind the scenes like the great gods, or compare this film with the style and lens language of other famous films. I don't even have an in-depth understanding of the fact that the two leading actors are known to be in love because of the drama. All I can do is paint my simple thoughts in my simple sentences.

It was the first time to appreciate Maggie Cheung's performance, and I had seen Tony Leung's "Breakthrough" before. I heard that Tony Leung's eyes are very good, of course. But in this film, all I see is Maggie Cheung. Her blinking eyes made me unable to move my eyes, and I was completely convincing. The role was made for her in my eyes, and no other actress could have done it. When I wrote this, I suddenly remembered that Gong Li played another Su Lizhen in "2046", I don't know what the effect will be. I'll definitely check it out in the future, of course that's another story.

Maggie Cheung's performance is terrifying. She plays an elegant, beautiful, sensual and deep female typist. She is very involved in the play, and her every move is full of style. Of course, this is also due to the pieces of cheongsam in the film, which brought the charm of herself and Maggie Cheung to the extreme.

In addition to the cheongsam, the use of many props and cameras, as well as the recurring soundtrack, are the highlights of the film.

Due to my ability, I will not analyze these aspects more. Here, let me analyze Ms. Maggie Cheung's performance. It may not be very good either, don't mind you guys.

She is in the role, she is Su Lizhen. Su Lizhen is the heroine of Wong Kar Wai's film. Naturally, her mind is more delicate than the average person, and she is naturally more bitter than the average person. She naturally has to bury her own thoughts in her heart. Maggie Cheung used small details such as restless hands to interpret her unease and loneliness.

She fell in love with Zhou Muyun. This line is very interesting. At first, the two of them found out that their other half was in a relationship with each other's other half, so the two of them acted out the imaginary story of them being together behind their backs.

When they checked each other if the other knew about it, Maggie Cheung's blinking eyes surprised me for the first time. Her eyes sometimes looked straight at Tony Leung, and sometimes looked down. It's like seeking comfort and help, or just telling Zhou Muyun to state the fact. But I think she has a bit of a crush on Zhou Muyun at this time, or rather has a good impression of her. If so, why did she do this, she suppressed her liking for Zhou Muyun and told a story of betrayal, and the betrayed were the two of them. She wanted to protect him, and she didn't know it herself.

In the film, Su Lizhen never dared to look at Zhou Muyun, and always looked down in front of Zhou Muyun. Eyes are the windows to the soul, you can't hide it if you like someone. When Maggie Cheung was acting, she felt that she should put a lot of effort into "falling in love" with Tony Leung, otherwise she would not be able to act this way.

The following paragraph can be called a moment after the movie, Zhou Muyun let go of Su Lizhen's hand, Su Lizhen put her hand on the other arm, and the camera moved up, her eyes were a little empty, and she looked around unnaturally. Maggie Cheung's performance is smooth and natural, with no superfluous expressions, no superfluous crying, just silence, helplessness and despair, depression and overwhelm.

It may be very weak, Su Lizhen did not leave her husband. She's still Mrs. Chen, and always has been. She and Zhou Muyun rehearsed the scene of forcing her husband to be questioned, but she was not strong enough to fight. Once again, she was very sad, she didn't even think about it herself, and forgot about the beating. She loves her husband so much that she doesn't have the last-minute courage. Both of them thought about going together, but neither of them actually did it.

Maggie Cheung has injected soul into this role. She is hesitant and preoccupied. She does not dare to cross the line and is afraid of others chewing their tongues. She is delicate and beautiful. She lives silently and chooses to let go of the person in her heart. She fell in love with Zhou Muyun silently and never told him her heart. She's smart, she's timid and emotional. She's elegant and sexy, she just thinks too much and doesn't do enough. Her life is like a play, living in fantasy, living in memory. These complex layers are perfectly displayed in Maggie Cheung's large eyes and close-fitting cheongsam. She played a person in a dream, and she was like a dream herself.

This image has good lighting effects and is suitable as a closing image. This time Ms. Maggie Cheung's performance touched me, so I wrote a long review to commemorate this moment. Maggie Cheung's performance is generally amazing, both in terms of lines, image and details.

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In the Mood for Love quotes

  • Chow Mo-wan: It's me. If there's an extra ticket... would you go with me?

    Su Li-zhen Chan: It's me. If there's an extra ticket... would you go with me?

  • Su Li-zhen Chan: Am I hopeless?

    Chow Mo-wan: Not really.