When you don't fly, let the water fill the sky

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When I just finished reading it, I didn't know what this story was about. There was a little environmental protection, a little love, and a little adventure. I didn't even know what the theme of Mr. Miyazaki's story this time. However, I still read it with great interest without hesitation, with my sister.

This time, there is no little girl who can fly, no inexplicable turning into a pig-faced adult, no one must grow and age, and no heroic battle with evil forces. Some are just two 5-year-old children, telling the audience in an expression that is so innocent and almost unconscious that no matter if this will be forever, at least at this moment we should try to make forever go farther.

What remains the same is Joe Hisaishi, he and Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli, and the memories left for us are enough to make us not as grand as "Spirited Away" or "Howl's Moving Castle". 》 Save enough of your own desires before the profound movie. For nearly two decades, I dare say, Miyazaki himself has been the most primitive impulse of the audience to go to the movies.

This time, the world without villains is more thorough when the villains are young, and the audience can see all kinds of garbage in the sea at most. In addition, there are two such pink protagonists, and their most childish likes. It is said that people will rejuvenate and rejuvenate. Grandpa Miyazaki, who is nearly seventy years old, this time, the protagonist who was in his teens was directly set to be five years old.

When I was about seventy years old, I had the courage to say that no matter what the future is, even if I have nothing, I will be with you. When you are young, you will have too many concerns. Your own ambitions and a more barbaric world make people daunted. They will pursue their love without hesitation. Only children and the elderly have enough courage, or they can't see the boundaries, or eventually Understand that the so-called concerns and boundaries will be nothing in the end, but regret that I missed the most innocent and meaningless bravery at the beginning. Otherwise, I really don't think this is what this movie without the smooth flow of climaxes in the traditional sense is trying to say.

Can't help spoilers: The cuteness of the little goldfish is on par with the invincible Chinchilla.

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