Where is your Sousuke?

Karlie 2022-04-21 09:01:54

Is it true that only a 5-year-old child can have such pure feelings?
Sousuke, don't you care that Ponyo is a fish?
Um. Whether she is a half-merman, a fish, or a human.
I like her all. .

When it comes to love, a word is often used, called "little children",
does it mean that only in the stage of little children who are ignorant of the world, will there be that kind of indifferent love.
Two chubby children, head to head, holding hands,
what is the difference between their love and the common sense of love?

The story written by Hayao Miyazaki is a fairy tale,
first of all, it is a childlike innocence.
In his story, even adults are like that.
Even the evil magician father has a helpless look that makes people hate it, and looks
cute with an environmentally friendly submarine that needs to be pedaled all day long.

Humans fell in love with the water god, and gave birth to a bunch of little cuties with magical half-man, half-fish.
When she foolishly pursues her friends, she will inadvertently cause sudden typhoons and tsunamis.
In order to verify the feelings of a pair of children, the whole town will be turned into a crystal palace.
Which film will use such a bridge full of disaster plots
to tell a light-hearted children's version of a mermaid story?

At one point, I was really worried. When I looked at the
silent town that was soaked in the sea and its clothes fluttered,
I thought that there would be a tragedy in the remaining 20 minutes.
Hehe~ How should Sousuke face this little girl who will bring disaster to him?
What kind of challenges and obstacles will his mother, grandma in the nursing home,
and adults who have already understood the world, bring them?

Oh ~ I forgot that this is a fairy tale.
A fairy tale through and through.
Zero casualties, zero estrangement, zero violence...
It seems that it really can't satisfy our more and more complicated human nature that has been spoiled.
However, is this story actually meant to tell us
what is beautiful and simple?

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