Shame on Zack Snyder

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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole

cartoons have always been on the table. One reason is that there is less originality and more plagiarism. For example, this year's toy story 3, shrek 4, and even cover up the despicable me, borrowing a lot of details from previous movies. The last one, for cost reasons (as far as I can guess), is simpler to do and lacks a lot of details.

And this Guardian saga is different. It's not the same as the director. This director, zack snyder, said that the director is not a big director, but he is not a gangster either. It's a non-slip director, similar to Paul Wes Anderson, but the level is much higher than the latter. The latter only has a death race that looks a little interesting, what a bad resident evil shot.

I have seen several films directed by zack snyder, and I can't remember anything except sarah polley of dawn of the dead. 300 is bad, especially the fight part, it's too bad. watchmen start to be interesting. When it comes to this cartoon, it has a very strict climate, which means that it has evolved into a good director. Please note that the scheduling and photography of this film has the feel of a big movie, and the difference is immediately seen when compared with other animations. It's unusual for an animation to shoot like this.

But this director zack is a bit weird and funny. For example, the animation in this cartoon is full of owls, snakes, bats, and the scene is often a rough midnight sea (see the similar scene of the perfect storm), the kind of huge waves Dozens of meters, the scene where the creatures are extremely fragile and fall at any time has a strong sense of depression (the ocean voyage is really a game for the brave, the seafarers in the era of great voyages can be said to be desperadoes, they gambled a lot and gained a lot, and people robbed and made a fortune everywhere. There is nothing to say, it is an excess return of the risk. It feels like the Chinese dynasty is suppressing the similar spirit of the people). Moreover, this owl is a carnivore, so it is impossible to avoid the somewhat disgusting scene of eating mice (in fact, it was not actually filmed), as well as the euphemistic scene of the duel between good and evil, the branches piercing the heart, and it can almost compete with the white bear in the golden compass. The realm of slapping off the opponent's chin is approaching. A bunch of dark animals, coupled with the cold and dark atmosphere setting, these things are superimposed, and the children are psychologically difficult to bear, and the box office will naturally not go up.

Investigating the reason, I am afraid that it is the shame of literary and art workers who can't let go. They pay attention to the bottom line principle in everything they do. It's more embarrassing to not go up and down. The chairman will repair it, and the lower part will go to the rural areas of northern Shaanxi to repair the earth for a few years, and the mentality will be relaxed.

In fact, he just designed the owl to be a childish and cute half-idiot that only moves in the sun (the current shape is lean and gloomy), see the previous Disney animation, and now the pixar animation. Calling on the character setting card, learning Japanese comic routines, such as a few owls in the same group, one of the owls who goes up when they drink water, talking drunk, or usually calm and fast. The villain should be clumsy and clumsy. For example, if you do bad things, you don't always talk too much (similar to the old man from the Kongtong faction in Yi Tian Tu Long Ji), the children will be happy when they see it, and the box office will soar.

Recognizing the situation and letting go of the air is a required course for box office directors. But this zack snyder director has a promising future, is making progress, and is optimistic.

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