The chaos of reality, pseudo-reality, fiction, and multiple fictions

Kole 2022-09-21 14:13:29

The Washington landmark I can recognize has probably surpassed my hometown of Wuhan, and I have seen the White House Capitol Hill more often than the Yellow Crane Tower, the water tower. The scenes in Showtime's just-aired episode of "The Comey Rule," which is basically set in Washington, are familiar everywhere, but I can't shake the confusion. Based on the memoirs of former FBI Director James Comey, the show stars Jeff Daniels, a man who dared to appear in the drama "To Kill a Mockingbird" to compete with the immortal Gregory Pike. actor. The chaos comes from a combination of news clips and fictional scenes from the series, with White House spokesmen Sean Spicer and Sarah Huckbee Sanders being real people, but actors Comey, his boss Trump and Attorney General Sessions, lieutenants and juniors. Andrew McCabe, acting deputy and acting FBI director after Comey, is cast by a very familiar actor - Doug Stamp, Frank's loyal assistant in House of Cards, plus Breaking Bad Jonathan Banks in The Teacher. Stuck in constant struggle while watching, am I watching the news, House of Cards, Breaking Bad or Comey's Rules? Am I in Washington in "House of Cards", in the capital of the United States in "Comy's Rules", or in real DC?

I've read both Comey's and McCabe's memoirs, and it's not particularly difficult to grasp the basic plot. Comey's lofty professionalism, a firm belief in the FBI's pivotal role in American society, and his efforts to keep his distance from the president to maintain law enforcement independence, Beijing's minister of public security is unlikely to share a similar line of thinking. At the same time, in reality, he also pursues stage effects, combining model workers and actors who play model workers. This is another confusion that cannot be sorted out when watching the play. The "October Surprise" created by Comey four years ago will undoubtedly have a major impact on the election results, but whether it helped Trump or Hillary, the most powerful computer algorithm at present cannot provide the answer.

At the end, Comey, played by Jeff Daniels, and his wife walk out of The Captal Grille, a restaurant on Pennsylvania Avenue, a 10-minute walk from our office. Of course I can't have a steak there for $50, it's too extravagant, but there was a "restaurant week" every year in the pre-pandemic era, and for $20 you could ask for a salad, steak and dessert combo. The problem is that since the outbreak of the epidemic for more than half a year, I rarely go to the city again, and I don't know if the restaurant is still open.

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