Nothing to do with revenge

Darius 2022-09-07 20:35:09

Adhering to the beaux arts style of French films, the tone of the whole film is light and soft, the plot seems simple but inexplicable, and it explores a contradictory facet of love and destruction.
The heroine longed to step into the palace of music when she was young, but she did not perform well in the piano exam, and she gave up the road of music since then. Time flies, and when she embarks on an ordinary path, she accidentally encounters a female musician who made her perform abnormally, and becomes her assistant to turn the piano score. She actually worships and loves female musicians, but turns her love into seeds of manipulation and revenge. When she finally captures the hearts of female musicians, she puts them into action and destroys the female musician's family. .
The film is 85 minutes long, with very little dialogue. It runs through the whole play with euphemistic and smooth piano music. The heroine has a smooth forehead, blond hair and black dress, which is exquisite and simple.
This is a video for a quiet weekend afternoon.

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