A Short Review of "Honey"

Melisa 2022-10-20 01:54:32

The film "Last Night on Earth", which was released on the last day of 2018, caused a topical discussion. During the filming, it encountered the rainy season in Kaili, Guizhou, which caused the crew to shut down for a while. Director Semih Kaplanoglu faced the same difficulty when shooting the Turkish film Honey, which had 300 rainy days a year, making it difficult.

"Honey" is the end of the "custard honey trilogy" created by director Sammy. In this series of films, director Sammy uses the same character, Joseph, as the protagonist. This group of stories can be regarded as Joseph's life. A long flashback in time.

In this film, the food that the hero's mother Zehra prepares for breakfast - eggs, milk and honey, also gives the answer to the title of the series.

"Honey" tells the story of the childhood of Joseph, a boy with an autistic personality. He can only open his heart in front of his father. He has always longed for the forest. When he went to the forest with his beekeeper father to collect honey, he showed great appreciation for nature. great curiosity.

If film is an art form of storytelling, then director Sammy is trying to present his artistic expression in another form. He tries to stay away from the description of stories, and returns to the traditional route of poetic aesthetics, using the lens of natural landscapes to present beautiful pictures.

In the 103-minute length of the film, the lines and dialogues only take up less than 30 minutes, and there is no music inserted. The insects and birds in nature, the thunder before the heavy rain, and the sound of flowing streams have become the best. The accompaniment preserves the original natural features to the greatest extent possible.

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