Gray's troubles

Blaise 2022-09-30 17:05:41

The main actor is Heather Graham, I have seen her "Kill Me Gently" before, which is a tertiary film directed by Chen Kaige, I like her expression very much, like a sweet kitten, I think she is the sexiest, no Alternative.

The style of the film is a bit like "Sleepless in Seattle". It is very lifelike and not abrupt at all. I really like the part where the three women sing. I don't know what the song is called, I have to check it.

And, you can't expect the first girl you fall in love with to love you the same.

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Gray Matters quotes

  • [Charlie walks into the suite bathroom, stark naked with only a bucket of ice and a bottle of champagne covering her]

    Charlie Kelsey: Ta-da! I got the champagne... extra bubbly.

    Gray: Oh my God! You didn't answer the door looking like that?

    Charlie Kelsey: Hmmm. No wonder the delivery guy didn't want a tip.

  • Gray: What can I say? I am a mess.

    Gordy: You don't look a mess. You look cute as a button. And buttons aren't messy.

    Gray: Well, looks can be deceiving.