Kind, courteous, thrifty, and older women also have spring.

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As a face control, the first threshold for Korean dramas to enter the pit is nothing but appearance! And the male and female protagonists must be both good-looking, but if one party does not meet the standard, they will pass by without hesitation.

As a person who has never chased dramas and has always been a fattening party, as soon as the cure couple makes a move, they instantly become show-seeking dogs!

As a 28-year-old older woman, others are racking their brains and trying to figure out how to get married as soon as possible before the half-off, but our reporter Cai Yongxin always has a girlish heart, and silently secretly loves that girl who seems to others to be insignificant. It is impossible for a hopeless Extraordinary person to reach a healer (this situation is like in reality, please imagine the distance between you and Ji Chang Wook in reality, the feeling of gnashing of teeth that cannot be seen or touched), and Not only can this healer not be seen, it seems that few people have touched it. Nitrogen! We Yongxin Children's Shoes reverently hung him high on the wall, touched him every day (and his spirit was commendable), and rejected the red-lipped, white-toothed, white-skinned and beautiful mad pig fresh meat at the speed of light for 3 seconds (also his courage is lamentable). Also, there is always hope in life, and the luck of a woman who loves to laugh will never be too bad.

As a vigorous young man, this healer comrade has lofty aspirations: the ultimate goal of life is to go to an uninhabited island to watch the discovery every day, and other scenes about happiness have never been thought of. Peat, with the Pacific Ocean, broad shoulders, six gou abdominal muscles, two biceps, and two mermaid lines, who are you going to benefit from on an uninhabited island? ! This unscientific! This is so insignificant! Simply outrageous! Have Yan, willful! We have to say that this is a noble person, this is a pure person, this is a person who is out of bad taste!

Obviously, these two are not people who live in the third dimension, so there is a reason for the heroes to cherish each other? So people who are destined to love will not forget to come back even if they circle the earth and save the galaxy?

This is a bloody case (ah no love) caused by two small clipped nails, and the relationship between Yongxin and healer is no longer an empty set.

A person who is obviously afraid of dying, but still can stubbornly risk his life, is really born with the attributes of a heroine, and he must die with dignity and outline. You can see a petite woman charging in front to protect a junior whose physique is at least 1.5 times her own size, and let an adult man retreat first (hey, where did you get your confidence!) She was still in shock but ignored the police Shu Shu’s repeated questions, and the first time Going to find the crazy pig xi who slipped away first because of fear (she thinks), the brain, the mind, and the logic are also drunk. The normal instinctive reaction of ordinary people after escaping danger is that you want to die or don’t want to live. Come out and let’s have a good chat about life and promise not to kill you! The heroic character of the female donor who repeatedly confronted the bullies with her body (and even bravely went to the door to meet them in person) was so heartwarming that the audience nearly vomited blood and died. It can be said that it is not a green tea scheming bitch, but the male god still obediently follows me. As a result, the dark knight healer male god was included. Play in your true colors, be yourself, great, lesbians get?

Love comes too fast like a tornado. Under the action of dopamine, the two sides began a long process of exploration (in fact, only one side), doesn't it mean that we spend our whole lives looking for the right person? In fact, when I look back, that person is talking on the phone with you in the dim light, and you are also called sister TT...Ps It turns out that the fate of the origami five-pointed star is not just the bloody way of throwing away the whole bottle. , it also includes letting the long-lost two Xiao Wu guess find each other (where can love be more expensive without bloodshed, right?)

It’s okay to not eat or drink for six days, as long as the female votes publicly praised your physical strength; six It's okay to not brush your face or brush your teeth, as long as you remember to wash before doing things you love.

Between lightning and flint, between a man and a woman, it is not ergonomic not to have sex.

Dry firewood and fire are always accompanied by strong dopamine secretion and adrenaline secretion, so all of a sudden, this pair of men and women who have been empty and lonely for 28 years has undergone significant chemical changes and began to think about another possibility of life (finally considering returning to the three-dimensional ) (Is it hard to live like someone else? from Seo Jung Hoo)

So far, Yongxin's relatives have fully demonstrated the fine style of being a high-loving businesswoman who is gentle, courteous and thrifty: not pretentious, not clingy, not pretentious, not a virgin, independent (if you want to come to my house, you can come in through the door, but you have to go with my father first. say hello). Work hard (it is time to work overtime, and it is time to run the first line. No matter how rich a man is, his job should still be preserved). Actively ask for progress (now learning to sell fish soup). Strong support for the male ticket business (the first line of fighting against the male ticket is the first line of fighting against the male ticket). Full trust (just asked: Zhenhou, have you ever killed someone? No. I knew that was the case).

Yongxin He De He Neng can make the night errand runners give up their good income and be willing to commit themselves to the labor of third-rate small media with a monthly salary of 900,000? He would not hesitate to shout to the imaginary rival revolutionary comrade-in-arms Jin Wenhao: I can't live without her in the future, so as long as it is for her, I can abandon you.

The truth is simple: love is not about connection, it is about attraction.

An independent person (economic independence is very important), sincere and kind, candid communication (no overnight misunderstanding), giving full respect to the other party (if you say you are blindfolded, you will be blindfolded, if you say you are not looking, you will not look at you, if you say sleep, you will sleep... ) and trusted women, dare I ask there are male gods who are not attracted? Is there a male ticket that can't be tied?

In this world of no zuo no die, the skills of the heroine Wuli, no zuo can live, are worthy of high praise, and it is worthy of a high degree of study by a girl who never suffers from the princess's disease, and it is worthy of frequent practice by a girl who cried, made trouble, and hanged herself. Xianglin's sister-in-law, who spread negative energy everywhere, studied deeply.

Is being gentle, courteous and frugal the only way for older women to harvest spring in life? Is it the only way to capture the rich and handsome? Title Party, you are wrong, come on, let's revisit the familiar two words, look at the face.

The first drama review in my life is dedicated to Healer, with the highest heart and reluctance to end it.

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