Boxing (power) dominates the world...?

Nichole 2022-09-25 09:06:34

Heise will have a government-backed gambling group, and take a fancy to the skills of Chop (Tony, Jia), taking the opportunity of a foreign leader's visit, and using the elephant as an introduction. Forced to chop and gamble with his subordinates.
The storyline is a little bit confusing to me, why should he come. You have to send someone to kill him, okay, even if you don't kill him... stop him, then you don't need to find hundreds of black gangsters riding hundreds of Thailand exclusive: "shemale", the streets are full of death Hand chase, right? Especially the sentence that the female hooligan shouted after she fell, true or false! That scene was like getting all the extras in Thailand to ride... The action is still quite good, and it's not to drag on the water and die... It is estimated that Tony, Jia has a large hospital as his support!
Let's talk about BOSS, then...ah...why do you have to cut down NO1? And the two Thai MM (female boxing fighters) NO2 who played soy sauce since they killed one, why did they keep the other? It was obvious that she wanted revenge. And she is also a female foot with special skills. The open hack is definitely going to crush the invincible player in the world... In the end, NO2 and BOSS were killed by the combined force of the heroine with special skills and the open hack!
The 3D effect of the film is still good, but the rhythm of playing and watching can't keep up. You must not think about it, otherwise, the more you look, the more you can't see clearly! Tony Jia is sure to study with the major domestic guides, and wherever a human trademark appears, it means that the sponsorship is sufficient.

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