The pinnacle of Hong Kong martial arts movies

Jaiden 2022-09-29 16:54:59

The pinnacle of Hong Kong's martial arts movies, whether it is the plot or the action, is remarkable. It is nearly 2 hours, but it does not feel procrastinating. The lines at the end of the film are historical comments of the older generation of Hong Kong filmmakers. It has been 20 years, but every four years when the Olympic blockbuster is released, when Liu Xiang shows off his acting skills, when Sun Yang arrogantly responds to his accusations with a gold medal, listen to the last line: Now the gold medal is in my hands, Huang Mou. On, not that I won. The 'Lion King Contest' organized by the adults to show the might of our people has killed and injured so many people. In front of the world, we all lost. From the point of view of the common people, we not only need to practice martial arts to strengthen our body and fight against foreign enemies, but the most important thing is to expand the wisdom of the people and the unity of wisdom and martial arts. Can a mere brand change the national fortune?
Taking history as a mirror, we can know the ups and downs. Why are there so many obvious mistakes repeated? How much national luck does it take to splurge? Although the body was weak back then, the intelligence was still good. But since the four major mentors of the Republic of China have fallen sadly, how many people still remember their names? Now I am afraid that the four mentors who can be named are also the mentors of the Voice of China.

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