A good film that has been overlooked...<<Patriot>> is inferior

Chris 2022-07-07 20:05:24

The first sentence: "Ayre made, must be a masterpiece!" This is always true. Although I like Dereno very much, he still has some works that are not so satisfactory. Al is different, each of his films They all look so classic, soul-stirring, and powerful.

I stumbled across this film when I was shopping two years ago, VCD, it's so old, I bought it for 8 yuan, and it's all aimed at Al I just bought it. I haven’t watched it since I bought it back. I didn’t watch it until today. After watching it, I wondered why it took two years for such a good movie to be watched....Alas

, the movie about the American Revolutionary War is the most familiar to everyone. <> already. I also like <>, but it is inferior to this film. First of all, this film gives people a feeling that it is real! It is grand! , guerrilla warfare. The reenactment of the society at that time was also more real and grand. The description of the war was also more delicate than <>. The cruelty of the war was not only reflected in the pain of the Americans, but also the British. Everyone is human Everyone must not forget the scene of the British officer holding his dying son by the beach. It is completely the scene of Al holding his own child before alluding to it. Al's child has recovered, what about the British officer's child? I don't know.

"patriotism" and "revolution" are actually the same concept. In <>, what we see is the pursuit of "freedom" and "peace" by the American people. To be independent is very touching!! To overthrow Britain The imperial oppression, the United States is good!!
And what we see in this film is a more real side, when Al later received compensation, he said: "If you want to take our things from me, we will I will fight back again and get it back!" One sentence pierces the psychology of ordinary people. I don't care if you are the United Kingdom or the United States, I will do it with you if you rob me!! "Patriotism" is the slogan of the country, it is the nation-state The (Nation) political propaganda. And "revolution"It is the voice of ordinary people!! Such a theme is more convincing than the monotonous pursuit of anti-oppression, freedom and peace, and patriotism in <>.

In the end, due to the different themes, the soundtracks of the two films are also very different. The soundtrack in <> is both majestic and majestic. The soundtrack in <> is more delicate and sentimental, especially the female vocal solo after the Yorkshire battle, which accompanies the exhibition. It was a mess, which made people feel a lot of emotion. The flute melody at the end of the film made me even more emotional. What is the meaning of the War of Independence? What is the meaning of patriotism? For the common people, it is revolution and seeking stability , A free and peaceful life, this is not only a revelation to the British Empire, but also to the United States.

Good movie...

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