One, you have no right to deprive another of all the rights to exist on earth!

Letitia 2022-11-06 05:03:48

It was a rainy Sunday. I hadn't seen a movie for a long time, so I just clicked on human trafficKing, and saw that in the end, although the black boss of human trafficking in the movie was shot and killed, this wide-ranging criminal gang got The end was due, but the heart was still extremely heavy. Human trafficking happens every day. The trafficked person is no longer a person in the true sense. They have been deprived of all control at the level of subjective will, lost contact with their families, traded with their bodies every day, and have fixed working hours and work remuneration. Be at the mercy of beasts.
If you think from a direct incentive, people still have to be alert to strangers approaching them, especially immature girls, they must not easily accept the demands of strangers and "follow others" willfully or casually. . But some situations are uncontrollable, such as the little girl who was robbed on the street. For dozens of seconds, the mother could only watch the black car go away and disappear somewhere. What touched people many times was that this little girl did not remove the sunshine in her heart because of the evil environment. She would find an opportunity to call her mother, she would paint on the walls of the basement, and she would take care of those younger than herself. The victim, she is actively looking for a way to escape this inhuman prison, she is brave, looking at her swollen eyes, it is really distressing...
If you want to fundamentally change these ugly Transactions, institutional guarantees, legal sanctions, moral constraints, the evolution of human nature... These are all extremely important, everyone has the right to bathe in the brightest sunshine, and everyone has the obligation to go Caring for others, diligently cultivating personality in daily life, eradicating the evil of human nature, and giving this life a kind account!

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  • Helena: Just hearing Sergei's voice used to make me nauseous. But then, you know, we were in the same room, talking. And despite all this hell he put me through, you know... I would catch myself almost forgetting who he was.

    Kate Morozov: The devil's not without his charms.

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