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After the second brush, I recalled that the formation of the disaster was inseparable from almost all relevant personnel, and they were perfunctory from top to bottom: the government forcibly extended the life of the reactor, leaving the cause of disaster; The reactor, concealing the problem immediately without reporting it, neglecting safety and not evacuating the masses for the sake of profit, reporting that the rescue operation has started but in fact no firefighters dare to go in, and even at the juncture of human life, they are still worried about the reactor. Giving firefighters access to sea water; maintenance crews' greed for repair speed was the final trigger of the disaster. The general trend is that only a very small number of people clearly know the problem but are unable to change it. Even the public has collectively fallen into the misunderstanding that "nuclear power plants will never happen anyway".

The ugliness of human nature represented by the indifferent prime minister is in stark contrast to the brilliance of the little nurse, who relentlessly satirizes the government that only considers economic interests (the Korean black government really spared no effort). In addition, the characterization of different classes is also one of the highlights of the film. The short 136 minutes is enough for the audience to read all kinds of life.

The male protagonist is selfish on the surface, but he sees it very clearly in front of the big right and wrong. In the early stage of the movie, its heroic temperament was deliberately weakened. In the middle and later stages, the turning point began to sacrifice one's life to save people, but the despair, fear and unwillingness revealed in the face of death at the end are more in line with real human beings (crying and shouting for the sensational design). Other heroes, including the father and son who went to Huangquan together, even though they knew that their time was short, they still chose to burn the remaining fire of life to complete the task: this was not for the country or other illusory ideals and beliefs, but for the sake of Give their beloved friends and family hope that they can continue to live. These flesh-and-blood ordinary people, those who ultimately make self-sacrifice, are the real saviours.

The technology that cannot be mastered is a real double-edged sword. The purgatory on earth after the nuclear disaster is again contrasted with the carefreeness of the children at the beginning, allowing the audience to witness how simple it is for a country to collapse, but also ringing for all mankind about nuclear A wake-up call for introspection.

Once Pandora's box is opened, the world can only go step by step into the dark abyss according to the established direction.

It is too real to be kept in the dark for the first half of the PS President. I wonder if the Prime Minister can cover the sky like this in reality?

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