amazing Grace

Sigmund 2022-09-06 05:56:30

I was looking for Amazing Grace because I watched Conan's theatrical version of "The Trembling Music Score". I found it and remembered the song Lucia Di Lammermoor in "The Fifth Element". Words, and finally know the existence of this film.
Is this God's amazing grace to me? And to Farinelli, is his body, his voice, God's amazing grace? It's just that this grace is somewhat cruel. .
Farinelli's life, I don't know whether it is a tragedy or a comedy. The great physical sacrifice brought about the great success of his artistic career. So dear Carlo, if you had to choose again, would you be willing to be a low-level singer who may be unknown for a lifetime? Or are you willing to trade your body for that legendary Farinelli?
There is no answer, because the conditions of the question are impossible to achieve, so please calmly accept the established reality. God robbed him of his dignity as a man, but gave him a singing voice that should only be found in heaven. Then just sing to your heart's content, you don't have what others have, but only you have what you have. But why does that nightmare keep haunting you after more than 20 years? I'm afraid, deep down in your heart, you don't believe this story of falling from a horse. So I pestered my brother to tell myself over and over again, so I kept using opium to anesthetize myself.
When he finally found out that the applause of the people on the stage, the intoxication of noble women and even fainting could not calm the emptiness in his heart, he finally realized that this was not what he wanted, and the satisfaction of the audience was not his satisfaction, but what he really loved. Not the stage, but the music. As a result, the excessively fancy vibrato and modifiers that my brother tailored for him became the skirts of the ladies, and the gorgeous shell further brought out their ignorance and ignorance. So he quarreled with his brother, complaining that his brother's music had no soul, and instead tried everything possible to get the music score of Handel, the master who was once spat on by him.
When the truth was finally revealed and collapsed under the cane of the master, a new Farinelli was born. There is no longer a doubtful past, no more gorgeous gimmicks to attract the audience's applause to fill himself up, and no longer need a brother. Perhaps because of the same illness, he finally decided to sing alone to Philip V, who was suffering from depression.
The ending is perfect. He and his elder brother have let go of the past, and he has also got a child. In the future, Carlo should live a very happy life. Then everything that God has done to him seems to be really an amazing grace~~~

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