The Farinelli movie is a supporting role for music

Sanford 2022-09-29 00:09:18

It should be a few years ago, I saw some introductions about the castrat singers of that era on TV. At that time, I was fascinated by Farinelli's voice. The natural voice and perfect singing skills made people fall in love. Search for relevant audio, download, and listen to it now.

This time, I accidentally discovered that there are related movies, so I downloaded it and watched it.

Because I have listened to his songs N times in an infinite loop before, most of the singing clips in the movie feel very familiar. Even so, I will hold my breath when listening, for fear that the sound of breathing will destroy the harmony of the performance and feel the pores in my body. Open... I think "musical orgasm" may exist... (Don't think about it~)

It can be said that I like music more, and I don't care about the story of the singer, so at the beginning of the film , I just found the first piece of his singing and started watching. Then I slowly started watching some of them. Farinelli is vulnerable, completely trusting and relying on his older brother, disguising his inferiority with singing. And his brother, using Farinelli is also full of guilt, so he will insist on writing his own music for him, knowing that his ability is limited.

At the end of the video, the three of them were in bed, and when Farinelli and his girlfriend held hands and stared at each other, they couldn't help crying. A woman's love that is too heavy and sad...

I don't have a deep feeling for the entangled feelings between their brothers that I want to express in the film. It is a family member, and will eventually understand. After all, this is the end of the matter, and no matter what, it will not change. Moreover, his brother also has a heart of repentance, although it cannot be recovered by repentance...

Regarding the star rating, I would give three and a half stars for a simple movie, and at most four stars for the tears I had after; and music, needless to say, Give as many stars as you have! So if the score of this movie is high, I think it is entirely thanks to the music.

For me, the music is good, who cares what kind of person sings it. I like Farinelli even if he is like Quasimodo, of course, handsome guy is better~

PS: If you search for "castrat singer" on Baidu MP3, one of the vitas will come out... Makes me dizzy... What kind of fish-worm-raising thing uploaded it... I went to the concert at the Great Hall of the People in vitas. ~Love~

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