Worst movie I've ever seen in the cinema

Benny 2022-07-11 21:44:33

Today's Mid-Autumn Festival, I can't be alone. I went to UME for a walk. I thought it was a blockbuster, so I went to watch it. Very inconsequential

plot, quite procrastination

, calls from the dispatch center, illogical, no destination,

no daring and

sensational music, no matter how I listen to it, I want to say salad.

The bridge section is really old dead

stunt. . . All of them are from the perspective of aerial photography, and the

sound effects are not shocking at all. . . sorry, didn't hear the

actor. . . Sorry, I forgot the

British pronunciation after reading it, I'm really not used

to it, and it also involves a lot of personal relationships. For example, the head of the dispatch center sent someone to search for his child by his position, and revealed the movie plot to her secretary by the way

. . . almost fell asleep

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