On the day when the Shenzhen typhoon came, I watched the water and fog.

America 2022-07-11 21:52:36

1. The flood scene in Scotland at the beginning made me quite frightened, could the
lady really not be able to open the window, so...?

2. Why is Nash MP better than the acting prime minister?
But after watching it, I feel that women are more emotionally exposed.
No wonder there are still more men in the lead.

3. There is a scene where everyone asks for help on the top floor after escaping. It
feels like "the day after tomorrow".

4. Other places feel duller than the day after tomorrow.

Overall: Came to the cinema to get rid of my movie vouchers before going to Beijing.

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Flood quotes

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    Keith Hopkins: Malcolm, have you got the latest tidal readings from Wick?

  • [last lines]

    Rob Morrison: Take my father home.