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2022-07-06 17:20
When "Zhengda Variety Show" started in 1990, the first episode of "Zhengda Theater" was "Beauty and the Beast". It tells a beautiful and touching Love story between a lion and a beautiful woman. This TV series has a total of 56 episodes in three seasons, and my country has only introduced the first season. Plot sentence: The Love story of Vincent the Lion who lives underground and Catherine, the female lawyer in the world.
Wealthy Catherine Chandler is a New York City lawyer and socialite who owns a luxury Manhattan apartment. One day, Catherine was kidnapped by several gangsters on the way home. After they beat her up, they threw her in Central Park. Vincent, who lived in the sewer, found her. Vincent has a scary lion head and hides in a secret underground society during the day, only to sneak out to breathe at night. Seeing that Catherine was seriously injured, Vincent moved with compassion and took her back to his "home" in the underworld. With the help of his adoptive father, Vincent took good care of Catherine until she recovered. However, the adoptive father was also quite critical of Vincent's actions, because the adoption of this woman might be known to other "underground humans", and he was reluctant to take this risk. During this period, Catherine gradually developed a good impression of Vincent, and Vincent had already fallen in love with the beautiful Catherine at first sight.
After recovery, Catherine is about to set off back to earth. Before leaving, Vincent revealed the truth of the underworld to Catherine, and Catherine promised to keep the secret for him. After this incident, Catherine changed her past shallow understanding of life and became an investigator and trial lawyer for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office. Vincent still misses her, and takes the night to come to her balcony every day, waiting silently. Their bond grows stronger, but that will never become a reality. As a crime investigator, Catherine is often in danger, and while she knows how to defend herself, there are a number of situations that she is personally unable to cope with. And Vincent, who has a good heart, always stands up at critical moments, skillfully uses the intricate urban underpass system to rush to her side and help her resolve the crisis.
At the end of the first season and most of the second season, due to the needs of character development, the action scenes are greatly reduced, and pure love scenes occupy a lot of space. The focus of the plot is mainly on the relationship between the two and their friends. , the relationship between family members. Catherine's image as a "rescuer" has also been cemented, and she often solves food and medicine shortages in the underworld. At the end of the second season, in order to increase the popularity and enrich the ratings, the producers again increased the action scenes, and Vincent began to lean towards the animal side in the duality of personality. Especially in the season two finale, where Catherine witnesses Vincent's frenzied violence. (The introduction is transferred from Tianya Xiaozhu)
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Beauty and the Beast quotes

  • Mouse: Okay good! Okay fine!

  • Vincent: You'd sacrificed so much.

    Catherine Chandler: I would sacrifice everything for you.

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