Darling in the Franxx movie plot

2022-07-21 12:27
They have dreams. One day, the dream of flying to the vast sky. Know how far this sky covered by glass is.
distant future. Human beings built mobile fortress cities "plantations" on the deserted land, and sang the praises of civilization. The driver's housing facility "Mistle", commonly known as "Bird Cage", was built there. The children live there. Don't know anything about the outside world. Know nothing about the free sky. The mission they were told was only to fight. The enemy is a huge life form "called dragon" whose everything is covered with mystery. To fight an enemy they haven't seen yet, the children ride on a robot called "Franks". They firmly believe that riding in it is the proof of their existence.
There was a boy who was once called a prodigy. Code 016. The name is wide. But he is now at rock bottom. It is an unneeded existence. If you don't multiply Franks, it's like it doesn't exist. In front of such a wide area, one day, a mysterious girl called 02 appeared. There are two gorgeous horns on her forehead.
"—found oh my Darling" 
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