Green Card movie plot

2022-03-15 08:01
The union of musician George (Gérard Depardieu) and garden lover Blondie (Andie MacDowell) is entirely selfish: George is from France and wants a Zhang US Green Card, so as to develop his career here; Bronty took a fancy to an apartment, but was told that only couples can live in it. As a result, the two hit it off and each got what they needed, and soon after they got married, they returned to their unrelated lives.
USCIS skepticism ensued. They have seen many cases of fake marriages for a Green Card, and the marriage of George and Bronty naturally cannot escape their scrutiny. Rigorous and serious investigation intervened in the life of the "couple". Now, George and Bronty must plot a perfect romance and marriage, laying out all the details of their life together. In order to make the marriage more credible, George even lived in Bronty's house, but the two gradually played with the truth   .
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Green Card quotes

  • Brontë Mitchell Faure: We don't have to like each other. We just have to get married.

  • [trying to shift all the blame for their bogus marriage onto Georges]

    Brontë Mitchell Faure: You stroll around my apartment, touching my things. Do you know what trouble you've gotten me into? Do you?

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