Saturday Night and Sunday Morning movie plot

2022-07-04 20:56
Every Saturday night, Arthurspends most of his salary on drinking, playing cards and women while spending time in bars or having an affair with married Brenda. No one could dissuade him. At the same time, Arthur and the girl Doreenfall in love at first sight, and they are inseparable, but they can't get rid of Brenda's entanglement. Until one day, Brenda was pregnant, Arthur turned to Aunt Ida for help and was rejected, and then was beaten by Brenda's husband and several workers. After that, Arthur suddenly woke up, determined to break with Brenda completely, and became a hundred-year-old friendship with Doreen to build a new family.  .
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Saturday Night and Sunday Morning quotes

  • Brenda: What do you think having a kid means? You're doped and sick for 9 months, your clothes don't fit, nobody will look at you. One day you're yelling out and you've got a kid. That's not so bad but you've got to look after it for the rest of its life. You want to try it sometime.

    Arthur Seaton: Well if that's how you feel.

    Brenda: How do you expect me to feel?

  • Doreen's Mother: Since when's he been your young man?

    Doreen: Not long.

    Doreen's Mother: He looks a bit rough if you ask me.

    Betty: Oh he's all right.

    Doreen: Well you don't know him yet, do you?

    Doreen's Mother: Not like you know him I don't suppose.

    Doreen: Well, anyway, I like him.

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