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2022-03-27 08:01
Shrink is pure. The fledgling Thomas Moffett still lacks the necessary courage and means compared to a screenwriter of Fatih Akin 's level. In "On the Other Side of Life", Fatih Akin is forbearance, resolute, and full of restrained warmth to the characters who are also experiencing life changes; while Thomas Moffett makes all the sick characters in "Shrink" at the same time They all found an exit, as if they collectively opened their blood scabs, and the toxins flowed out and the heart disease was cured. The latter's overly idealized treatment is, in a sense, the simplicity of the screenwriter. Shrink is healing again. The jazz music composed of guitars and cymbals lightly lining the dark blue of the night and the warm yellow of the day, the quiet tone gives the film a healing power. The first half of "Shrink" wanders between intricate human relationships, under the control of director Jonas Pate's editing, can not help but recall the group portrait master Robert Altman's " Short Cuts "  .
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Shrink quotes

  • Daisy: When was the last time you watched a movie?

    Patrick: 1997. Titanic. Way too long and spoiler alert: the boat sinks.

  • Patrick: You have a drinking problem, my friend.

    Shamus: I'm Irish.

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