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2022-03-22 08:01
Snowcake is a British-Canadian co-production directed by Marc Evans. Mark Evans was born in 1963 and is a Welsh British native. Like many others, Mark Evans is a director who started on the small screen and moved on to the big screen. In 1997, Mark Evans became an instant hit in the British film industry with "House of America", and then successively launched "Tomb Raider" Resurrection Man (1998), "Beautiful Mistake" (2000), " My Little " Eye "My Little Eye (2002), "Trauma" (2004), "Caitlin" (2006) and other works. The film's producer, Andrew Eaton, previously worked with Mark Evans on the film "Grave Raiders," starring Stewart Townsend, while another producer, Neve Feige, worked on the Oscar-winning film "Grave Raiders." Red Violin. The film is also the screenplay debut of British screenwriter Angela Bell.
From the plot introduction, "Snowcake" feels a bit dull and outdated, but the film is actually very humorous and weird (on the plus side), and it will make people feel emotional at the end. Unlike many other character films about behavioral disorders, "Snowcake" shows Linda as a grumpy, dependent woman who only becomes autistic at times. She has no so-called special talents, and she doesn't need treatment, just some weird behavior. And in many ways, Alex has been emotionally self-isolating and has many similarities with her, just not as extreme. It's often amusing to see Alex's rage at her ineptitude. Linda accuses Moss's Maggie of being a prostitute, so Alex offers to pay the woman after sleeping with her, which naturally results in a lot of awkward and funny situations.
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  • Golda 2022-03-24 09:03:52

    Well, bonus points, because of Alan Rickman. . .

  • Liana 2022-03-23 09:03:36

    He totally be overwhelmed by how big the world is and how small and unimportant he is. And as he turns around, we see his face look to the sky, and he says, very quietly, so that no one can hear him. He says , ''Dazlious.''

Snow Cake quotes

  • Linda Freeman: I know what Vivienne would want, she would want to be alive.

  • Alex Hughes: [of the autistic Linda] She's not *mad*.

    Maggie: Oh, I know. Vivienne explained it all to me. High-functioning; can talk a glass eye to sleep; but can't tie her shoelaces.

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