The Nativity Story evaluation action

2022-04-10 08:01
The story of the saint's journey to the faith from a human perspective is a good idea, but the lackluster script sucks. The beautiful shots, which are as delicate and graceful as decorative paintings, still can't hide the empty faces piled up by the boring bridges. If you have time to read "The Nativity Story", it is better to read the "Bible"   .
In a sense, "The Nativity Story" is not a purely religious film, and it does not show anecdotes about the life of Jesus from the world, but only captures a legend before and after Jesus came to the world, which seems to be actively reminding the world about God How steadfast the faith must be. The producer showed the "real body" of Jesus to people, which is really courageous. But it seems unlikely that the film will once again set off a religious wave like so many previous films about Jesus   .
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  • Thurman 2022-04-11 09:01:08

    It is relatively bland and has no bright spots, but following the "Bible", it is really difficult to shoot the "Bible", maybe this is the perfect choice.

  • Elmo 2022-04-10 08:01:01

    I like the temperament of this film very much. There is no Hollywood-style drama, which makes the film have an allegory and a real sense of religion. At the end of Egypt, it is time to meet Magdalene~

The Nativity Story quotes

  • Mary: [places hand over stomach for a moment and then runs over to Elizabeth] He's moving!

    Elizabeth: [smiles] Mine too.

  • Gaspar: You forgot the map.

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