The Nativity Story movie plot

2022-04-10 08:01
The Jewish girl Mary and the carpenter Joseph finally got married after they met and fell in love. However, Joseph discovered that the young Mary was already pregnant. But the honest and decent Joseph did not publicize the "ugly incident", but decided to hide it for the beloved woman. And decided to end the matter with Mary in due course.
Soon, Joseph got the dream of the angel Gabriel. In a dream, Joseph learned that the child in Mary's womb was Jesus from heaven, who came to earth to save the suffering people all over the world. Therefore, Joseph must marry Mary to help Mary give birth to Jesus. However, when Mary, who was about to give birth, caught up with the "expulsion" order issued by the Roman Empire, everyone had to go to Bethlehem to declare their household registration, so Joseph and Mary, who was pregnant, embarked on a long and arduous journey to the Holy City   .
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  • Theodore 2022-04-12 09:01:11

    The only Lord in the world, born so humble. There is a tremendous amount of pressure behind God's parents.

  • Dianna 2022-04-10 08:01:01

    The style is full, the service is full, and the story is very restored, but it is still very unreasonable... Who are the three doctors, why did they travel thousands of miles to meet... Why were Mary and Joseph selected... Why did G To drop Messiah in this way...and, with the prophecy so clear, why no one thought of packaging a Messiah or raising one...and how many children were killed by the birth of a savior (let's assume) It's hard for people to believe in a merciful God. Those Jews whose newborn babies were killed can really believe that Jesus is the savior? Another feeling, if you don’t know the background well, you may think that G is the god assist in the love story of Mary and Joseph (J single arrow M, M does not accept engagement, and then put a baby, and found that J Accepting her and the baby is also good to them... ps. The three doctors here are all the jokes and they are so cute hhh, besides, why are you Jews going to Egypt?

The Nativity Story quotes

  • Melchior: How many days have you come with us on this journey?

    Gaspar: One hundred and four.

    Melchior: And how many days have you complained about it?

    Gaspar: One hundred and five.

    [Melchior looks at him confused]

    Gaspar: ... I am counting tomorrow.

  • [repeated line]

    Balthasar: If I am correct... and I usually am.

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