The Numbers Station movie plot

2022-03-31 08:01
a CIA agent , is often dispatched to perform dangerous jobs. During one mission, the death of a strange girl makes his defenses begin to collapse, and he gets one last chance to prove that he is still capable of doing his job. His new mission is to protect a secret CIA code station. Katherine, the code operator , and where encrypted messages are sent and received.
One day, he and Catherine were attacked by mysterious people. After reporting the situation to headquarters, Emerson was ordered to evacuate and advised Emerson to wait for rescue in the British bunker. Unfortunately for Emerson and Catherine, they are soon besieged by a gang of assassins who want to access digital codes and use the information for surprising gains. This makes Emerson have to protect Katherine while contending with the killer   .
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  • Guadalupe 2022-04-01 09:01:19

    There are too many seemingly useless plots in the movie, which later turned out to be useless, at least not seeing the necessity of their existence. The whole story has a protracted, slow pace, and if it weren't for the occasional shot, it's likely to be disingenuous to continue watching. The film tells a story with suspenseful qualities as tasteless and tasteless as Chinese cabbage, probably out of taking care of heart patients in the audience.

  • Lottie 2022-04-01 09:01:19

    I'm still looking forward to the cooperation between Uncle John and Uncle Cage. I don't think I've seen this one = =||

The Numbers Station quotes

  • Emerson Kent: Oh shit, your leg.

    Katherine: Oh my God!

    [as he carries her to a table]

    Katherine: I can't even feel anything.

    Emerson Kent: That's usually a bad sign.

    Katherine: You always know what to say to a girl.

  • Max: [Meredith holding a gun on him] You're shaking now. You're getting angry. You're letting your emotions get the better of the situation. The adrenalin, it's really kickin' in. What I know? The reason that I'm not shaking is because this is a choice not dictated by emotion. This is logic - pure, simple. My boy over there is rated fourth in the world in the Glock 30. You now what that means? What's it mean...

    Derne: It means I could shoot you from Texas.

    Max: Now that's of course exaggeration. But the point still stands, he knows what he's doing. He's a professional. And you're... you. You've already dropped the gun, because this is a choice within a very strict set of parameters. Right now you're in control. What you don't want to do is put him in control. Don't give him the choice. That way is death. That way

    [slowly taking the gun from her]

    Max: is the unconditional end of future choice.

    Max: [she whimpering] That's it. Good girl. Oh, I know, I know. It's always a tough lesson to learn. To realize that you don't have the stomach to do what's needed.

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