Transparent casting

2022-06-25 21:09
Jill Soloway follows Gaby Hoffmann in the comedy "Louis Is Not Easy," and Jill writes a short audition for Gaby when he goes to Amazon for investment; Jill and Gaby then travel together to interview the show , and successfully persuaded investors. Jay Duplass was discovered by Gill at a director's party, and he had turned down the show, but it took Gill 15 minutes to change his mind   . Jill's older sister is gay, and Amy Landecker had a similar experience with the show's character as a teenager   . Jeffrey Tambor is over 70 years old   ; when he took on the show, he worried that he would not be accepted by his family   .
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Extended Reading
  • Jeff 2022-06-25 21:39:30

    Typical American drama sells cheap

  • Mina 2022-06-25 15:08:08

    The first episode has already revealed the potential of the drama. Small passages of all sorts of sarcasm and dark humor come at your fingertips. People's hidden desires, the roles they usually play in front of others, inner conflicts and confrontations, these serious propositions are all dissolved in the details that make people laugh. The ability to lift heavy weights is not bad. Actors are extremely lifelike, deliberately abandoning handsome guys and beauties. It's really rare that a theme that can easily become bloody can have such control.

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