Tristana movie plot

2022-04-07 08:01
Tristana's (Catherine Deneuve Catherine Deneuve) mother entrusts her to Don Lupu (Fernando Rey) to take care of her before she dies. The aging Lupu has no worries about food and clothing, and has a strong personality and values ​​honor, but at the same time, he is also a womanizer known to the women in the town. Lupu is ostensibly the guardian of Tristana, but he actually has a hidden strong desire for the latter.
Tristana felt depressed at Lupu's house, and the maid and the maid's deaf-mute son were far from a friend she could talk to. During an outing, Taristana met a young painter who gave her hope of love. The painter who knew about Tristana's situation beat up Lupu, and the two left the town together. Soon, Tristana fell seriously ill, and the painter had no choice but to seek Lupu's help. 
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    The movie tells the story of a young and beautiful orphan, Tristana, who is taken in and taken care of by Don Lope, a former lover of his mother, but the lustful Don Lope has impure motives for Tristana. Tristana met the painter Horacio on an outing. Tristana, who tasted love, left home together with the painter, but a sudden illness brought Tristana back to the cage where she lost all her freedom. In my opinion, the drama is one of Catherine Deneuve's best early acting skills. It transforms an innocent girl with ideals in love and relationships into a bitter and cynical woman who no longer believes in anything or anyone at the end. Deneuve's performance is particularly delicate. , into the play, allowing the audience to witness every betrayal of what he loves and his rejection of all the morals he has insisted on before.

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    The love in youth is lust, lust, and the love in old age is possessiveness. "This time she can't escape anymore. Once she enters my house, I will never let her go." But isn't this love? I keep in mind the things you like, the cake, the piano, the people I miss, and endure your contempt, unreasonableness, and ridicule. What you can't get is always the best. Back then, when she bowed her head and lowered her ears, how arrogant he was.

Tristana quotes

  • Don Lope: We must protect the weak. The police represent strength. Men like me always defend the weak, whoever they are, whatever their situation. Never forget that, little one.

  • Saturna: No one is better than Don Lope, but where there's a skirt, he has horns and a tail.

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