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2022-10-25 19:57
Spike TV has announced preorders for six new episodes of "Tut". Tut (tutankhamun, played by Avan Jogia) was the 18th Egyptian pharaoh who ruled Egypt from 1333 to 1323 BC, and his golden mask became a symbol of Egypt's ancient civilization. It is said that the play will change the mode of previous similar works and make a fuss from the recently discovered DNA evidence (Tut's father and mother are likely to be brothers and sisters, which causes Tut to suffer from congenital diseases and the immune system is very fragile). In an age of power struggles, political betrayals, wars, murders, and social chaos, the young Tut had his own glories, but could not escape the tragic end of premature death.
According to the concept of the series, Tut is rushed to the pharaoh position because of the sudden murder of his father. In order to consolidate his power, he was forced to marry his own sister. The real power in Egypt at that time was in the hands of three people, who controlled Tut as a puppet, but Tut won the battle and regained power. Just as Tut was about to make a big splash, he was betrayed and eventually died.
Ben Kingsley plays the "Grand Vizier" (the equivalent of the Prime Minister of the Kingdom) Ay in front of the Tut. He wielded power over one man over ten thousand, and was the top advisor to the young Egyptian ruler.
Sibylla Deen plays Anke, Tut's older sister, and his wife. Kylie Bunbury, who co-starred with actor Avan Jogia in Twisted, will play Suhad, but details of the role are unknown.
Peter Gadiot plays Ka, who grew up with Tut and is his close friend. But he has always been in love with Tut's wife, Anke, in private, and his loyalty to Tut is questionable.
The show is produced by Muse Entertainment, the company behind the Emmy-nominated "The Kennedys" and the critically acclaimed "Pillars of the Earth." Filmed in Morocco and Canada, the series aired in 2015. 
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